Page 161
from "To the Bottom of the Sea"
capo 1

    This Ships Going Down

    by Aurelio Voltaire
    A [Am] gargantuan hole in the bow, will the ocean to enter [E] allow.
    Oh but [Am] more a [G] sin than [C] letting it [Dm] in
    it's [E] letting our good fortune [Am] out.
    The nest to the storm did succumb, while the crow hid his fear in the rum.
    And the mast, it broke and threw out the bloke and well now he's surely my chum.

    Love letters from under his bed, holds the cabin boy over his head
    A futile try to keep it dry what tears have already wet.
    They were penned by a girl in Merak, and the Javanese value their tact.
    She'll conclude he's horribly rude 'cause he's sure as hell not writing back.

    'Cause this [Am] ship's [G] going [E] down,
    [Am] All on account of the [E] weather
    [Am] Though we'll [G] drown there's [C] no need to [Dm] frown
    'Cause we're [E] all going to- [Am] gether
    And I [Am] won't say [G] "Woe is [E] me"
    as I [Am] disappear into the [E] sea
    'Cause [Am] I'm [G] in [C] good compa- [Dm] ny
    as we're [E] all going to- [Am] gether

    I've had women of every kind, but the only one truly was mine
    Is the one at home who'll be alone when I am full-up with brine.
    For my son I had always a plan, for to raise him as best as I can.
    Oh well you can bet, my only regret is to not see him grow to a man.


    I was sinking down into the brine, when a curious sight caught my eye.
    Seaman Shaft had found him a raft and was makin' a speedy goodbye.
    At the risk of sounding absurd, I have always been good as my word.
    So a fish gig, I lanced into his eye and I knocked his ass overboard.

    ...Oh hell!
    'Cause you've all been so good to me, so we're all going together)