Page 165

    Together for Norseland

    by trad
    [A7] In the [Dm] dawn’s light faintly [A7] gleaming,
    Stand the [Dm] ancient Norse [D7] land [Gm] walls,
    [C] And the [F] land no [Bb] longer [Gm] dreaming
    [A7] Now a- [Dm] wakes as [Bb] morning [A7] calls.
    [A7] Though the [Dm] winds are coldly [A7] blowing,
    Streets [Dm] begin to [D7] hum with [Gm] noise,
    [C] And the [F] sun with [Bb] splendor [Gm] glowing,
    [A7] Greets the [Dm] land with [A7] all it’s [Dm] joys.

    ( Chorus
    [C7] We’ll [F] shout aloud, for [C7] we are proud,
    Our [C7] power [Bdim7] is in- [F] vincible!
    [C7] We’ll [F] ne’er dis- [F7] band, We’ll [Bb] always stand,
    [Bdim7] To- [F] gether for [C7] Norse- [F] land. )

    The days are bright and growing longer,
    While the streets grow louder still,
    Children’s voices ever stronger
    Now are heard more loud and shrill.
    Maytime flowers spread their splendor
    Over Norseland’s ancient streets
    Men and women homage tender
    Everyone with joy repeats.


    When the day is slowly fading
    Twilight falls and brings release
    From the hardships of parading
    Evening suddenly brings peace.
    Tis the time for meeting lovers
    In the garden in the park
    While the twilight gently hovers
    Till it’s night and all is dark.