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The Waxies (candle makers) held an annual outing to the seaside town of Bray, Co. Wicklow, 12 miles from Dublin. Monto is short for Montomery Street which was part of Dublin’s red light district in the 19th century.

Also known as Brighton Camp, The Girl I Left Behind Me, which was derived from the Irish melody An Spailpín Fánach,

Waxie's Dargle

by trad
Says [G] my aul’ one to [C] your aul’ one
“will ye [G] come to the Waxie’s [D7] Dargle?”
Says [G] your aul’ one to [Em] my aul’ one
“Sure I [D7] haven’t got a [G] farthin;
[G] I went [D7] up to [G] Monto [D7] Town
To [G] see young [Em] Kill Mc [C] Ard- [D7] le
but he [G] wouldn’t give me [Em] half a crown
to [D7] go to the Waxie’s [G] Dargle

[G] what’ll ya have?
I’ll [C] have a pint.
I’ll [G] have a pint with [D7] you sir.
and... If [G] one of you doesn’t [C] order soon,
You’re [D7] shut down of the [G] boozer. )

Says my aul’ one to your aul’ one
“Will you come to the Galway races?”
Says your aul one to my aul’ one
“With the price of my aul’ lads’ braces
I went down to Capel Street
To the Shrewish money lender
But he wouldn’t give me a couple of bob
on my aul’ lads red suspenders.


Says my aul’ one to your aul’ one
“We have no beef or mutton
But if we go to Monto Town
We might get a drink for nothin’
Here’s a nice piece of advise
I got from an aul’ fishmonger:
When food is scarce
and you see the hearse
You’ll know you died of hunger