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The Palazzo is a big area next to Vlad’s

Whiskey Down

by Momus
We [D] live in the bog where you won’t find no [A7] rest
There’s [A7] drummers abound and some people un- [D] dressed
High brow the Palazzo or slumming with Vlad
These are the best times this Celt ever had

Give me one, two, three Whiskey down
Give me four, five, six all around
Till seven or eight of them swim in my head
and in the morning I’ll wish I was dead )

We’ll meet at the chalkman on top of hill
the bards will all sing for the beer that they swill
Then down to Preachain for some mead and some dance
Then over the water to “men with no pants”


We drank all our fill and we started to tire
till Vollund he spied a good cooking fire )
Tuatha de Bhriain ate on through the night
and kept up the Norsemen who all had to fight.

Chorus x2