Page 110
Words by 0xdade as heard on darknet diaries as done by Tony Virelli to the tune of the Wellerman. For the traditional version see Soon May the Wellerman Come.

Hacker Sea Shanty, The

by 0xdade
Oh I [Em] come from the days of the pirate bay
When [Am] we would torrent and [Em] leech all day
My [Em] mum would say OK be safe
And [B] then I’d hear the [Em] fifty-six K

[C] Soon may the [G] ISP come to
[Am] bring us news of [Em] copyright scum
[C] One day when [G] downloadin’ is done
We’ll [B] take our leave and [Em] go)

Those were the days of piracy
Where any song or movie was free
The MP3s and MKVs but I always kept clear of the EXEs


I loaded it all up on my old gateway
till my hard drive did decay
A bright blue screen lit my display
And all my haul had gone away