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In A Pair of Brown Eyes by the Pogues, the line "An old man in the corner sang Where the Waterlillies Grow" is referring to this song by Smoky Dawson.

    Where the Waterlillies Grow

    by Smoky Dawson
    I love that [F] stray place
    Out of the way place
    Nestling near a [Bb] shady [F] brook

    where in the [C] twilight
    You or [Dm] I might
    think we [G] stepped right
    into a picture [C] book

    And there's a [F] shack there
    Calling me back there
    Down where the drowsy [Bb] waters flow

    And I would [Dm] love to take my
    rickety boat and [F] drift
    Where the [C] Water Lillies [F] Grow