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Birkin = Northern English and Scotch form of birchen (Birch Tree)

    Birkin Tree, The

    by trad
    Intro as second half of verse:
    [Dm] [C]
    [Dm] [C] [Am] [Dm]

    Oh [Dm] lass, gin' ye would think it right
    Tae [C] gyang wi' me this [Am] very night
    We'll [Dm] cuddle tae the mornin' light
    By [Dm] a' the lave un- [C9] seen O [Am]
    And [Dm] ye will be my dearie
    My [C] ain dearest dearie
    It's [Dm] ye will be my dearie
    Gin ye [C] meet me at [Am] e'en [Dm] O

    I canna for my mammy gae
    She locks the door and keeps the key
    And in the mornin' charges me
    And aye aboot the men O
    For she says they're a' deceivers
    Deceivers, deceivers
    She says they're a' deceivers
    Ye canna trust ane O

    Oh nivver min' yer mammy's yell
    Nae doot she met yer dad hersel'
    And should she flyte, ye can tell her
    She's aft times done the same O
    So lassie, gie's yer hand on't
    Yer bonnie milk-white hand on't
    Lassie, gie's yer hand on't
    And scorn tae lie yer lane O

    Oh lad, my haun' I canna gi'e
    But aiblins I man steal the key
    And I'll meet ye at yon birkin tree
    That grows doon in the glen O
    But dinna lippen, laddie [dinna lippen = don't rely]
    I canna promise, laddie
    Oh dinna lippen, laddie
    In case I canna win O

    So he's gaen tae the birkin tree
    In hopes his ain true tae see
    Fa come trippin' ower the lea
    But just his bonnie Jean O
    And she's clinkit doon beside him
    Beside him, beside him
    She's clinkit doon beside him [clinkit = quickly sat]
    Amangst the grass sae green O

    "I'm overjoyed wi' rapture noo"
    Quo' he, and preed his cherry moo'
    And Jeannie ne'er had cause tae rue
    That nicht upon the green O
    For she has got her Johnny
    Her ain lovin' Johnny
    It's she has got her Johnny
    And Johnny's got his Jean O

    X: 38
    T:Birken Tree
    Q: 90
    Z:Nate Berry from TML #000965
    G |"Dm"Adde c3/2B/2AG|"C"A3/2B/2cd "Am"c/2A3/2GG|"Dm"Addc e3/2d/2cB|
    "Dm"c3/2A/2"C9"GE "Am"c B2 c |"Dm"ADDE A/2B/2 c2 A|"C"G2 ED C/2G/2 c2 B| 
    "Dm" ADDE A/2B/2 c2 d|"C" cA"Am"GE "Dm" D2 D||