Page 14
written to the tune of the same name by Nate

Boys of Bluehill

by Nate Berry
As I [D] woke to welcome the dawn
I [D] stretched and uttered a [A7] yawn
and a [D] ray of sunlight [A7] splashed across
the [D] bedspread o'er me [G] head

but I [D] decided it time to rise
though I'm [D] neither wealthy nor [A7] wise
and I [D] stumbled into the [A7] hall and mumbled
"I [D] shoulda just [A7] stayed in [D] bed"


As I finished me first cup of tay
I noticed the time of day
and grabbing me coat and hat
I bustled me-self right out the door

Well it wasn't till half past ten
when I thought it over again
that I was stumblin' down the hall
and into me bed to sleep some more

It was past 11 O’clock
I felt as limber and light as a rock
but I dragged myself again
into the morning that nearly was not

I gave me hair a bit of a comb
grabbed the boots I wear when I roam
sat down in a chair to tie them up
and fell asleep right there on the spot!