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Traditional ballad found in Roud 1185, also known as "Broken Hearted I Will Wander". The singer's romantic interest was killed while fighting against Napoleon in the Peninsular War.
after the Planxty version

    Bonny Light Horseman, The

    by trad
    ( Chorus, first time acapella
    Oh, Na- [G] pole- [C] on [G] Bonaparte, you're the cause of my woe
    Since my [C] bonny light horseman to the [D] wars he did go
    Broken [G] hearted [C] I'll [G] wander, broken hearted I'll remain
    Since my [C] bonny light horseman in the [D] wars he was [Em] slain
    [D] [C] )

    When [G] Boney [C] com- [G] man- [D] ded his [G] armies to stand
    And [C] proud lift his [G] banners all [D] gayly and grand
    He [G] levelled [C] his [G] can- [D] nons right over the plain
    And my [C] bonny light horseman in the [D] wars he was [Em] slain

    [D] [C]


    And if I was some small bird and had wings and could fly
    I would fly over the salt sea where my true love does lie
    Three years and six months now, since he left this bright shore
    Oh, my bonny light horseman will I never see you more?


    And the dove she laments for, her mate as she flies
    "Oh, where, tell me where is my true love?" she sighs
    "And where in this wide world is there one to compare
    With my bonny light horseman who was killed in the war?"

    [Solo as main melody]


    [Solo as main melody again]