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My father "Dominic Behan" wrote the song in the late sixties it can be found in one of his two songbooks, "Ireland Sings" or "The Singing Irish" which are available in many libraries. Regards, Stephen Behan from mudcat
after The Mary Wallopers, they do it capo 2

    Building up and Tearing England Down

    by Dominic Behan
    Oh, I [C] won a hero's name with Mc- [F] Alpine and Cos- [G] tain
    With Fitz [C] Patrick, Murphy [F] Ash and [G] Wimpy's [C] gang
    I've been [C] often on the road on my [F] way to draw the [G] dole
    When there's [C] nothing left to [F] do for [G] Johnny [C] Laing
    And I [Am] used to think that [F] God made the [E] mixer, pick and [E7] hod
    So that [Am] Paddys might know [G] hell above [F] the ground
    I've had [C] ganger's big and tough
    Tell me [F] tear it all out [G] rough
    When you're [C] building up and [F] tearing [G] England [C] down

    I remember carrier Jack he wore a hod upon his back
    How he swore one day he'd set the world on fire
    his face they've never seen
    Since his shovel it cut clean
    Through the middle of the big high tension wire
    And I saw old Balls McColl with a big fly over haul
    Into a concrete mixer spinning round
    Though it was not his intent
    He got a fine head of cement
    When he was building up and tearing England down

    I was on the Hydro dam on the day that Pat McCann
    Got the better of his stammer in a week
    He fell from the shuttering dam
    And that poor old stuttering man
    He was never ever more inclined to speak
    Oh no more like Robin Hood will he roam through Cricklewood
    Or dance around the pubs at Camdon Town
    Oh but let no man proclaim
    Sure no Paddy dies in vain
    When they're building up and tearing England down

    In a tunnel under ground a young Limerick man was found
    He was built into the new Victoria line
    When the bonus gang had passed sticking through the concrete cast
    Was the face of little Charlie Joe Divine
    And the ganger man McGurk said big Paddy hates the work
    When the gas main burst and he flew off the ground
    Oh they swore he'd send down slack
    I'll not be there until I'm back
    Keep on building up and tearing England down

    So come all you navvy's bold
    Do not think that English gold
    Is just waiting to be plucked from every sod
    Or the likes of you and me will ever get an O.B.E
    Or a knighthood for good service to the hod
    They've a concrete master race to keep you in your place
    And a ganger man to kick you to the ground
    If you ever try to take
    Part of what the bosses make
    When you're building up and tearing England down