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after the version by Sean Keane with Pat Coyne


    by Kieran Wade
    [F] Now the fire is burning [C] low
    And it will soon be time to [F] go
    As the night turns into [C] dawn,
    With the light I will be [F] gone
    So kiss me once and then I'll [C] go
    And say my name out soft and [F] low
    And as I turn on down the [C] road,
    Your kiss will lighten up my [F] load

    ( Chorus
    [F] And [C7] al- [Bb] though I never will re- [F] turn,
    In- [C] side the hope will always burn
    That we may [Bb] meet in some place once [F] again
    And [C] you and I will still be friends.
    The [F] sun is shining [C] brightly on the [Bb] mountains and the [F] sea
    The [Bb] waves run [F] white round Inish [C] Mór
    The [F] ship lies in the [C] harbour waiting [Bb] for an evening [F] breeze
    [Bb] To take us [C] to some foreign [F] shore )

    The world we lived in now is past
    And winds of change are coming fast
    But I will not forget the land
    Where you and I walked hand in hand
    So kiss me once and say goodbye
    And we'll try hard not to cry
    These tumbling thoughts going through my head
    Will stay forever left unsaid.

    To take us to some foreign shore (repeated)