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After Liam Clancy and Tommy Makem. Every time you play Dm, remember to play the low A!
C x320xx
CM7 x324xx
C6 x322xx

    Dutchman, The

    by Michael Peter Smith
    The [C] Dutchman's not the kind of man
    Who keeps his thumb jammed in the dam
    [Dm] That holds his dreams in,
    [G] But that's a secret that only [C] Margaret knows.

    When [C] Amsterdam is golden
    in the morning Margaret brings him breakfast, [Dm] She believes him.
    [G] He thinks the tulips bloom [C] beneath the snow.
    He's mad as [Dm] he can be, but [G] Margaret only
    [C] sees that [B] some- [Am] times,
    Sometimes she [F] sees her unborn [G] children in his [C] eyes.

    Let us [Dm] go to the [G] banks of the [C] ocean [B] [Am]
    Where the [F] walls rise [G] above the Zuider [C] Zee [B] [Am].
    Long [Dm] ago, I [G] used to be a [C] young man [B] [Am]
    And dear [F] Margaret [G] remembers that for [C] me. )

    The [C] Dutchman still wears wooden shoes,
    His cap and coat are patched with the love
    That [Dm] Margaret sewed there.
    [G] Sometimes he thinks he's still in [C] Rotterdam.

    [C] He watches the tug-boats down canals
    And calls out to them when he thinks he [Dm] knows the Captain.
    Till [G] Margaret comes to take him [C] home again
    Through un- [Dm] forgiving streets that [G] trip him,
    though she [C] holds his [B] arm [Am],
    Sometimes he [F] thinks he's [G] alone and he calls her [C] name.


    The [C] windmills swirl the wintering
    She winds his muffler tighter
    And [Dm] they sit in the kitchen.
    [G] Some tea with whiskey keeps [C] away the dew.

    [C] he sees her for a moment, calls her name,
    She makes his bed up humming [Dm] some old love song,
    [G] She learned it when the tune was [C] very new.
    He hums a [Dm] line or two,
    they [G] hum together [C] in the night. [B] [Am]
    The Dutchman [F] falls asleep and
    [G] Margaret blows the [C] candle out.

    Chorus x2