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This is the song "Come my little son" which is set to the traditional Scottish tune "Come, All Ye Tramps and Hawkers" after the version by The Dubliners with Luke Kelly who start on F# (these chords capo 6), done in waltz tempo

    England's Motor Way

    by Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger
    Intro [C]

    [C] Come me little [F] son and [C] I will tell you what we'll do,
    Undress yourself and get [F] into [C] bed and a tale I'll tell to [Am] you
    Its [C] all about your [F] daddy [C] he's a man you seldom [Am] see,
    For he's [C] had to [G] roam [F] away from [C] home, far away from you and me.

    Chorus I
    [C] Remember laddie he's [F] still your [C] dad,
    Though he's working far [Am] away,
    In the [C] cold and [G] heat all the [F] hours of the [C] week,
    On England's motorway.

    Now when you fall and hurt yourself and get a feeling bad,
    It isn't any good to go running for your dad,
    For the only time since you were born, he's had to spend with you,
    He was out of a job and he hadn't a bob, he was signing on the brew

    Chorus I

    Sure we'd like your daddy here, yes sure it would be fine,
    To have him working nearer home, and to see him all the time,
    But beggars cant be choosers and we have to bear our load,
    For we need the money your daddy earns,
    out working on the road.

    Chorus II
    [C] Remember laddie he's [F] still your [C] dad,
    and he'll soon be home to [Am] stay,
    for a [C] week or [G] two with [F] me and [C] you
    When he's built the motorway.