Faellon's Cellar

by Momus
When I [F] woke up in the morning
And I [Bb] found no bread to toast
No [F] eggs that I could scramble,
or [C] ham that I could roast.
Well, I [F] went to Faellon’s cellar
And I [Bb] drank all of his wine
I [F] drank on through [C] lunch
Then I [F] slept through dinner time.

Because I [F] drank all his wine
I finished off the [C] mead!
I comman-[F] deered all his [Bb] beer
To [F] temperance [C] I won’t [F] heed!)

Well, I’ll sleep all the day
And I’ll drink all through the night.
Then I’ll tackle the stairs
But I’ll make just half a flight.
Then I’ll spin around, on the tip of my heel,
And go back to the cellar
For my favorite meal.


Now I’m resolved
To never leave this cellar.
To Faellon I’d say
“Thank you kindly feller!”
They’ll find me in the basement, if they even look.
‘Cause my favorite breakfast
Is the one you never cook.


Well, the cellar was black
There was nothing left in sight.
Ya gotta pop a lot of bottles
When you’re looking for the light.