Page 35
copyright 1988 Shane MacGowan & Jem Finer, purportedly after a book of the same name, by JP Dunleavy
~M~ male voice
~F~ female voice
~B~ both voices
Dsus2 xx0230

Fairy Tale of New York

by S.McGowen, J Finer, The Pogues
[D] It was Christmas [Dsus2] Eve [D] babe
In the [G] drunk tank
An old man [D] said to me,
won't see a- [A7] nother one
And then he [Dsus2] sang a [D] song
The Rare Old [G] Mountain Dew
And I turned my [D] face away
And [G] dreamed a- [A7] bout [D] you

Got on a [D] lucky one
Came in eigh- [G] teen to one
I've got a [D] feeling
This year's for [A7] me and you
So happy [Dsus2] Christ- [D] mas
I love you [G] baby
I can see a [D] better time
When [G] all our [A7] dreams come [D] true

[faster - D A D G D Bm A7 D]

They've got [D] cars big as [A] bars
They've got [D] rivers of [G] gold
But the [D] wind goes right [Bm] through you
It's no [D] place for the [A7] old
When you [D] first took my [A] hand
On a [D] cold Christmas [G] Eve
You [D] promised me [Bm] Broadway
was [A7] waiting for [D] me
You were [D] handsome,
you were [A] pretty
Queen [D] of New York [G] City
When the [D] band finished [Bm] playing
They [A7] howled out for [D] more
Si- [D] natra was [A] swinging
All the [D] drunks they were [G] singing
We [D] kissed on the [Bm] corner
Then [A7] danced through the [D] night

The [G] boys of the NY- [Bm] PD [A] choir
Were [D] singing 'Galway [Bm] Bay'
And the [D] bells were [G] ringing [A7] out
for Christmas [D] day)

[D A Bm G D A D A / D Bm D G D Bm A7 D]

You're a [D] bum, you're a [A] punk
You're an [D] old slut on [G] junk
Living [D] there almost [Bm] dead
on a [A7] drip in that [D] bed
You [D] scum bag, you [A7] maggot
You [D] cheap lousy [G] faggot
Happy [D] Christmas your [Bm] arse
I pray [A7] God it's our [D] last

[Vamp part (slower) - Dx4 Gx4 D A7 (walk down E, D, C#)]

I could have [D] been someone
Well so could [G] anyone
You took my [D] dreams from me
when I first [A7] found you
I kept them [D] with me babe
I put them [G] with my own
Can't make it [D] all alone
I've built my [G] dreams [A7] around [D] you

Vamp to end