Fair Game

by Momus
When we [G] all come to town, we’ll be [F] looking for [C] her.
She’ll be [G] serving us whiskey, with [F] eyes that she’ll [C] stir.
I’ll [G] ask her, her name, that I’ll [F] quickly for-[C] get.
If her [G] father finds me, then, Ill [F] surely re-[C] gret.

For she’s [G] fair game in the [C] morning.
But [G] when the cock crows she’ll be [C] sleeping with me.
Yes, she’s [G] fair game in the [C] morning,
But [G] when the day breaks, I’ll be off to the [C] sea.)

When the men start to fight, well there’s no need to bicker.
When in a strange port, always drink with the Vicar.
He’s always the drunkest you find at the bar.
But, with the pope’s backing, you’ll always go far.


I’ll buy the whole tavern a beer and a shot.
Just to get the men moving from outa my spot.
‘I’d ask you to dance, but there’s no music playing.
So, join me for whiskey if you find that your staying?


[G] She lessens her space, as she gives me the eye.
[Am] Then we sneak to her room just to [C] give it a try.
She says try and be quiet my Cousins in here,
Frederick drank all his scotch that he chased with his beer.

We blew out the lights as the bed next to me
Started mumbling and grumbling some profanity.
Then from under the covers heard, “What are you doing??”
and this saucy young tart retorts, “Oh, just some screwing!

(Chorus - solo)

I thought to myself ‘tis a poets demise.
As the covers flew off found another surprise.
The cousins they laughed, as we fell into bed
Her name might be Mary, but certainly not Fred!

They’re all fair game in the morning
And when the cock crows they’ll be sleeping with me!
They’ll be fair game in the morning,
but when the day breaks, I’ll be off to the sea.