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Always a favorite, Silly Wizard did this one well. Note of 2/09 says capo 2
D/F# 200232

    Fhear A Bhata

    by trad
    I’m often [G] hunting the highest [D/F#] hilltops
    I scan the [Em] oceans, I sail the [D/F#] seas
    Will come [C] tonight love?
    Will come tom-[G] mo- [D] row?
    Wilt ever [Em] come, love, to [D] comfort [C] me?

    ( Chorus
    Fhear A Bhata (Air ah Vata)
    Na hóro eile (Nah ho-ro ay-lah)
    Fhear A Bhata
    Na hóro eile
    Fhear A Bhata
    Na hóro eile
    Oh, fare thee well, love
    Where ‘ere ye be )

    They call thee fickle, they call thee false one
    and seek to change me, but all in vain
    for thou art my dream, yet through the dark night
    and every morning I watch the main


    There’s not a hamlet do well I know it
    where you go wand’rin or sit awhile.
    but all its old folk, you win with talkin’
    and charm its maidens with song and smile.


    Dost thou remember the promise made me?
    The tartan plaide, the silken gown
    that ring of gold with thy head in portrait
    that golden ring I shall never now own?